As an actor who has worked in casting I understand the importance of a good headshot. A great headshot won't give you your big break, but it will give you the opportunity to audition for it. Junenoire and Nadia understand how critical it is to have a picture that reflects who you are as an actor and will work with you to maximize the potential of your photo-shoot. Creating a relaxing, professional and fun environment, they helped me get a headshot that according casting director Maria Nelson "would make me stop in my tracks when looking at 100 submissions". I couldn't have asked for more than that. What a pleasure working with Studio 7!                                        

- Paulina Plazas (Actor)

The professional service, talent, and quality of Studio 7 was only matched by the comfortable atmosphere and personal attention I received during the shoot to ensure my best work and my fabulous new head shots. My auditions and bookings have increased dramatically and I could not be more grateful. Thanks! 

- Drew Jordan (Actor)



I had my industry showcase last Monday. One industry person called me in just off of my headshot (she came in late and missed my scene) BAM!!! THANKS!!!!

- Farrah Crane (Actor)

Fun and friendly, these girls are great. I’ll be sure to recommend them to the cast and crewmembers of my company. Nadia and Junenoire are working on expanding Studio 7 and with this level of professionalism and their personal touch, I believe they will do it!

- Caliph Lamar Scott (Director @ Murder Mystery Company)

The shoot was FANTASTIC! They made me feel at home. Best headshot session I’ve ever had.

- Daniel Pettrow (Actor/ Director)


Pleasure working with both of the women. Nadia took extra special attention to all details to make sure I looked just right. Great energy from the photographer, Junenoire. She put me in ease from the moment I stepped out in front of the camera until the end. I HIGHLY recommend Studio 7 to anyone!

- Lianne Coleman (Actor)




As the parents of a kid who hates having his picture taken, you can imagine how nervous we were bringing our son to Studio 7. When Nadia and Junenoire greeted our son at the studio and started taking photos, you couldn’t imagine our surprise when EVERY picture turned out perfect! We had so many choices, it was amazing. Our son loved all of them! We cannot wait until the next shoot! Thanks ladies, you are amazing.

- Daniel, Jaye & Charlie Wright (Wright Talent Management)

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